Saturday, January 14, 2012

Getting Started

January is national Get Organized month, so I thought I'd start with my workspace.  So, this is my "home."  I transformed my former computer room into my sewing room and took advantage of as much existing furniture as possible, including a computer desk and a retired bookcase.  I moved all my sewing and other needlework from a basement bedroom to this wonderful south-facing room.  I love the sunlight, but... already lots of lessons-learned (LL) here.

My machine is a Brother Innovis NX-650Q.  I got it just as the model was being "upgraded" (renamed with a higher price).  So far (after 1 year) it's been great, but (LL #1) I kind of wish I'd gotten a different brand.  The only store that sells and supports Brother within an hour's drive is horrible.  I had a very bad experience with them and will never set foot in the place again (unless the management changes).  Still, it's a nice machine and came with practically everything I could possibly use, including a free-motion foot and a walking foot.

LL #2 - using my old computer desk isn't working out as well as I'd hoped.  The keyboard tray is handy; just pull it out and I have an extra work surface for small tasks like basting or clipping strip-pieced units.  There's an extra "table" that fits onto the machine, but there's still not enough space to manhandle a twin-sized quilt.  And the surface is a little too high -- the height of the keyboard tray would be better.  I've already put my husband on notice that it's time to get handy.

So far my modest fabric stash fits in the closet, but the storage system needs some serious tweaking.  An excellent buy was the rack for storing spools and bobbins (aren't they pretty?).  I got some stick-on LED lights for the closet, but they are useless -- too weak to illuminate the rack.

LL #3 - retirement is wonderful when you can spend hours doing something that you love in a sunny space.

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