Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fabric Shopping

Thanks to all the early adopters!  So many nice comments from so many friends.  You can now comment directly on the blog -- just click on the Comments link at the bottom of a post.  For now, you have to join the blog to comment.

I didn't actually get to do any quilting today, but I did have a nice long lunch with my wonderful friend Peggy.  Even though we started out as professional acquaintances, we've found a strong connection in quilting.  

After lunch, I bought some fabric at a chain fabric store, but I was disappointed in the selection.  I'm convinced that the local quilt shop or the web are the best bets to get quality fabric. One soon learns the best manufacturers and the kinds of fabrics, designs and colors that they specialize in.  Right now I'm making a baby quilt based on Riley Blake Mod-Tod charm packs.  They have really fun kids' fabrics.  Still, not every small shop can carry every fabric, so sometimes I visit the web to get something that I just can't find locally, usually to match something I already have.  In this case, no local stores carried what I wanted, so I ordered some Riley Blake Blendables to make the border for this quilt -- details to follow.

I do prefer the quilt shops.  Mine are Pieceful Quilting in the winter and Delphine's Quilt Shop in the summer.  As a geographer, I'm glad to suggest an iPad app called Quilt Shops.  It shows you (and me!) all the nearby shops based on a zip code.  Enjoy.

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