Thursday, May 25, 2017

Little Projects

So, there's been a lot of sewing going on (finally!), but not much exciting to post.

I've continued working on the Otsego quilts, more or less as leaders and enders.  I ran out of every fabric except  the main ones for the block center squares.  Fortunately I was able to find more of almost everything.  But I did have to resort to similar fabrics for the last few blocks.  Anyway, you've seen enough of those, I suspect.  I'll post on that project when it's time to put the blocks together.

Meanwhile, no big finishes, but there have been some small ones.  The May miniquilt started out as lilacs.  Everything was coming into bloom, and it seemed an appropriate choice.  I didn't have any fabrics that actually looked like lilacs, but I pulled some purples.  No patterns, either, so I threw the purples into a basket (could have been pansies or grape hyacynths, whatever).  The flower area had a square in the center.  I broke that up into HSTs to give it more variety.  I'm not thrilled with the end product, but it's OK, I guess.  I haven't actually quilted it yet.  It's small, and I may replace it for next year.

Next up, pillow covers for my daughter.  She picked the fabrics.  The apple one frayed like crazy, but it is pretty.  The pattern is super-easy, one that is all over the web, with subtle variations.  Basically, you have a front, then two pieces for the back, put them together with a zipper, sew it all together.  Voila!

There are also Roman blinds under the presser foot, also for my daughter.   More on those when they are ready to hang.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to starting an entirely new quilting project -- no UFO, no home decor.  I have a Kaffe Fassett jelly roll calling my name!