Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy New Year!

It's been a long time since I posted -- before Christmas!  I've been busy with traveling and working on a major non-quilting project that never seems to end.  Time to move ahead!
I started a retrospective New Year's post a couple of weeks ago, but new things have come up that make me really look forward to quilting in 2013.

Twooo Wuv!

OK, if you're not a Princess Bride fan, you might not understand.  Nonetheless, I'm so happy to report that my son is getting married this summer!  Having agreed that his fiancee is definitely a keeper, it's time to start on a wedding quilt!  She is a city girl who prefers simple designs.  I've decided on a Josephine's Knot.

The colors will be shades of white, black, and gray/silver with a pop of apple green.  I might add some teal -- I'll have to see how it comes together.  The other issue is the size.  I'd like to make this a bed quilt, but I'm afraid that Laddie Bird, their coon hound, will sleep on it.  Maybe a lap quilt for the living room would be better.

Baby Time!

No, no, not my son, at least not yet.  My niece is having a baby boy!  I haven't decided on a pattern yet (my sister-in-law really liked the Disappearing Nine-Patch that I did for her other daughter).  But I have bought the fabric -- Apple Jack by Moda.  I'm using flannel, because they live in Ireland where it's always chilly.

... Continuing

Of course, I already had some projects lined up for the coming months.   There's the Christmas gift for a very dear friend that I got too busy to make (some friend I am!).  It's all cut and ready to sew.  I still want to finish the last blocks for the Barrister's Block.  And I'm dying to get back to work on Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Mystery Quilt.  I've cut most of the fabric and was in the process of kitting it up to take on an extended vacation.  But weddings and babies do take precedence!  And the Fireplace mosaic quilt that I started so many months ago is still on the docket.

One thing's for sure:  finishing UFOs is NOT on my list of New Year's resolutions! 

And Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to A Quilter's Path -- one year old this month!  I really enjoy doing it, I hope you enjoy reading it!