Monday, January 23, 2012

Free-Motion Tools

Yesterday I said that I'd provide some details on some free-motion tools that I've been using.  So here we go.  All three can be purchased as a set through Leah Day's website, but they are also available in quilt stores and on other websites as well.  Just head out to your favorite shop or type them into your search engine and get what you need.  Bear in mind that my difficult previous experience could have been a lot worse without these.


These gloves are worth every penny.  They let you easily move your quilt around without pressure on the fabric to move it.  I find the movements more fluid and even with this tool.  To be honest, I lost my original Machingers at a class and got a substitute at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  The substitute works fine, but maybe like Dumbo's feather, I like the Machingers the best. Of the three tools, I find these the most indispensable.

Supreme Slider

My machine came with an extension table that gives me a reasonably large surface when I'm quilting.  But the Supreme Slider does add ease of movement.  As a novice quilter, I can't testify about how much better the quilting flow is with this tool, but it does seem to be better than without it.  The basic one covers most of my sewing surface area; there is a larger size, too.

Magic Genie Bobbin Washers

I don't honestly know how much help these are.  I've read that a vertical, rather than horizontal, thread spool provides the most even thread feed.  My machine has a horizontal spool.  And I did get that awful thread next the other day (gak!).  But these are inexpensive, and many experienced quilters recommend them.  As a new quilter, I still have lot of ancient spools of thread (some are still wood spools!).  So if these washers will help to make old thread usable, I'm in.

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