Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Odds and Ends

Time to start a new project and stitch away at my sew-alongs.    For the new project I'm debating between (a) a Halloween applique table runner that's partly started and (b) the fireplace mosaic quilt that I showed you earlier.  The calendar says (a); my heart says (b).  Maybe I'll start the fireplace and take the applique with me when I return to the lake in a few weeks...

Fifty-four Forty or Fight

This is the May block in the Simple Sampler BOM at PQ.  This time the finished block will be 12" (the first one was 9").  It'll be really interesting to see how we put all these different-sized blocks together.  For this block I used the Tri-Recs rulers that I got a year ago but have never used, mainly because I haven't had (or at least recognized) any blocks that they'd apply to.

Fifty-four Forty or Fight

I had to swap out the white fabric that I was given for some in my stash because I cut it wrong initially.

I sewed this on the little machine in Michigan, so the seams are a little big and the block is just a little small.  Not enough that it couldn't be fudged, except that two of the points are right up to the edge.  Guess they'll just be a bit blunt when the quilt is finished.

This is the biggest block I've ever sewed -- what a treat after all those tiny HSTs in the Battlegrounds block!

Bonus Blocks from the Barrister

Randi from the Barrister's Block Sow-Along posted two bonus blocks last month.  The first one was a Battlegrounds variation which I've learned is called Gray Goose.  The units are the same -- 16 scrappy HSTs -- but they are arranged differently.   The little Singer came through on this one!
Gray Goose

Most of the dark fabrics came from a bunch of 4" precuts that I'd picked up on sale.  There was waste from cutting 2-1/2" squares from these, but the remaining fabrics in each set weren't my favorites (I'd already used those!), so I didn't mind.  The gold batik and the dark greens came from the new fat quarters that I'd picked up in town.

Lemoyne Star

The second bonus block was a Lemoyne Star variation.  I did the HSTs at the lake, but finished the block at home.  The final block is really disappointing.  I don't know if it's because of the different seam sizes or what.

The good news is that Randi is only giving us two new blocks this week, so I should have time to make another one of these.

Civil War Block Swap!

I couldn't resist!  The ladies at Pieceful Quilting are doing a Civil War Block Swap.  Everyone who participates will make 12 identical Double Monkey Wrench blocks using only Civil War reproduction fabrics..  We'll turn them in at one the two PQ shops by September 1 and a week later we'll get 12 blocks, all different fabrics from different quilters.  We'll get instructions to piece the quilt top (I think there will be sashing involved) and then have a Big Reveal party in November.

Double Monkey Wrench

 I was concerned that my blocks wouldn't be good enough, but it's an easy block.  No point-matching, just linking up seams, which is one thing I can do.  But quelle horreur!   Just as I was squaring up the last side, my hubby stuck his head in the door and surprised me.  The ruler slipped!  Ack!!!!

If this were just for me, I'd fudge the seam when I put the quilt top together.  But I can't turn this one in!  Guess I'll run back to the shop and pick of fat quarters of two blue fabrics and replace the corner HST.  Grrrr.

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