Sunday, June 3, 2012

Peconic Quilt Show 2012

Home Again, Home Again

Foul weather in Baltimore left me stranded in Detroit overnight, but I arrived home yesterday at noon, just in time to grab a peanut butter sandwich and head to the Eastern Long Island Quilt Show 2012.  It was in three buildings at an area community college -- fun!  I learned my lesson from the last quilt show and took my real camera with me this time.  Herewith, photos from building #1, the exhibit hall.

 Loretta's Garden

This beautiful appliqued quilt won first prize in the "Applique Large" category.  It was one of the first quilts you'd see as you walked into the exhibit building.  Though I admire applique more than I actually want to make something like this, there's no question that this deserved its prize.  It was a very large quilt (~ king size).  Not only was the stitching flawless, but the use of color and attention to detail was just astonishing.

Loretta's Garden by Marie Nigro

Look at the beautiful embellishments, the dragonfly and the tiny ladybug, just about life size.  You wanted to put her on your finger and say "Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home..."  See the butterfly in the next one, too.

 Different quilting techniques were used in different areas, even in the same fabric, to add texture and highlight different parts of the quilt.  It's machine quilted (I'd love to see the back!).

 Round Robin

There were eight round-robin quilts done by members of one guild.  Each member created a center block, then passed it along to the next person, who added a border, sent it to the next person, and so on.  The original quilter then bound and finished the quilt.  I only took pictures of two of them, but you can see how gorgeous they are!

Purple Serenity by Cathy Barta
Three of the Material Girls' quilts won a prize, and three got an Honorable Mention.  I'm glad I didn't have to judge these!

Surrounded by Friendship by Pat Bandura
Civil War Quilt

I love the colors in Civil War quilts.  This photo doesn't quite capture how gorgeous this was!

Civil War Tribute by Sharon Chimento

Here's a close-up of one of the corner Bear's Paws.  This quilt was quilted in a more open pattern than most of the quilts.  I like the curls that kind of balance out all the sharp points of the triangles in the blocks and outer border.


Although I prefer muted colors to primaries, this one was amazing.  As you can see, it won a first prize (in the Pieced Large category).  Doesn't it just look like bombs bursting in air?  You can almost hear the boom and see the bright stars raining down.

Fireworks 4th of July by Beverly A. Delaney

And Now for My Favorites!

Here are the quilts that I  particularly enjoyed for strictly personal reasons -- just something about each one struck a chord with me.


This quilt was intriguing, because it combined strings of scraps with black triangles that gave it an Amish look.  The concept is very simple, but it's really eye-catching.  This gets my personal Honorable Mention.

Almost Amish by Paulette McDonald

O Tannebaum!

My Third Place award goes to this wonderful Christmas tree made out of teeny-tiny log cabin blocks.  This was a small-ish quilt, maybe 18-20" high?  Ten rows vertical, so each block was max 2".

Log Cabin Christmas by Barbara Downs
And look at the size of the strips in the blocks.  I'd guess that each one is half an inch, finished.


I love mosaic quilts, and this one was really different, so it gets my personal Second Place award.   (Besides, Moonstruck is one of my all-time favorite movies).   It's not a true mosaic, but is made up of a bunch of different 9-patch blocks.  Squares from fabrics used in the blocks make up the outer border.  Each cat is quilted differently, so even the three black ones look a little different.

Moonstruck by Roberta Garris

This is a closer view of the sky area.  How cool is this quilting, with all those twinkling stars!


 TA-DA!  First Place!

Should Da Been Candy by Alice Hasselback
 Whaaaa???  Why this one?  The fabrics are pretty, but what's so special about this one?  Read on...

Ha! Ha!  Gotta love this girl!  Not only did she ignore the whistle from the Quilt Police, but she entered the quilt in the show!   You can see that if those colored do-dads in the light background areas were turned, so the points met the corners of the four-patch squares, they would look like a twisted candy wrapper.  So what?  Kudos to Alice! 

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