Monday, September 10, 2012

The Kaleidescope Adventure Continues!

The One-Block Wonder Class is so much fun!  I can't imagine doing a project like this without a few other people in a class to exchange perspectives.

So, I got all those triangles cut and spend quite some time figuring out the best placement of each group to create a hexagon.  Then I sewed them all together, 3 at a time, to create half-hexies.

First, sew 2 triangles together from each set of six.  Make sure that you keep track of where the points are going to meet in the center of the hexagon (I did have to rip out a few seams...).  Press the seams open (not to the side).

Then sew a 3rd triangle to each of the triangle pairs that you just made, again making sure that the center points meet and pressing the seams open.

 This can all be done by chain-piecing.  You just have to be careful to keep each hexagon in order!  You'll end up with two half-hexies that you pin together.

At the second class, we all arranged our hexagons on a piece of batting, then started moving them around to find a layout that we liked.  This was stressful for me, because I didn't think that my fabric pattern was working.  But everyone in the class liked it!  :-D  And everyone in the class (well, except one person) hated their fabric, too.  But guess what -- all of the quilt layouts looked WONDERFUL!  Can you see the stars and swirls starting to form? People suggested different ways to arrange the hexagons, and everything started to come together.

I'm so disappointed that I didn't take pictures of the other projects -- they were so nice, and every one was completely different.  I hope everyone brings their completed quilt tops back for show-and-tell, so I can share these beautiful creations.

Now to start putting everything together.  Each hexagon is arranged so that there is a continuous seam line vertically (line them up so that there is a point at the top, not a flat side).   In one row, the line is between hexagons; in the next, it's down the middle (that's why we didn't sew our hexagons together before we arranged them).  I don't know if you can see this in this photo.  I need to figure out how to add graphics to these photos -- little arrows and comments. 

 When I got all my hexies lined up again at home,  I started sewing them into vertical "rows" (AKA columns).  I ended up with 16 vertical strips and tons of leftover hexagons and half-hexies.  I'm seeing a couple of table-runners in my future!

All my columns are sewed; now it's time to press all those seams open.  Ugh!  Once that is done, I'll sew the columns together and the basic top will be done!  

I'm off to Memphis for my grandson's 6th birthday (how did that happen?!?!).  When I get back, just wait until you see the border fabric that I'll be using! 

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