Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Farmer' Wife, Part 5

Today the next installment in the Farmer's Wife quilt-along was posted on the Barrister's Block -- three blocks plus a bonus block.  So I needed to post the photos from the previous installment before I could start the new one.  This post was delayed because one of the blocks came out so bad that I had to make it over.  Plus, I was busy working on my free-motion quilting (made a lot of progress, too!).

Friendship Star

The Friendship Star block was quick and easy (this installment's version of beginner's luck).  Of course, I see every imperfection, but it still turned out pretty well, I think.

I do need to get some more neutrals, though.  This block is booorring.  I'll be at the fabric store on Friday for a class -- guess I'll just have to pick up some more fabric (heh, heh!)

Steps to the Altar
The next block, Steps to the Altar, is one that I hadn't [knowingly] seen before.  The corner units look weird to me -- the squares aren't square -- but I know that it's because the outside edges still have their seam allowances there.

 I'm not thrilled with the plaid fabric, but I don't have much in my stash that would work here.  I do have some 4" pre-cut squares that are nice, but all in packages with no duplication of fabrics.  Maybe I should go for a more srappy look.  That way I could cut down the squares for the 3" half-square triangles that have appeared in nearly every block.
Cups and Saucers

Dishes seem to be a jinx for me!  When we had the Cut Glass Dish a couple of weeks ago, it turned out terrible (I plan to make a replacement at some point).

This time it was the Cups and Saucers block.  It started out great, but by the end the triangles looked more like trapezoids.  I ripped and re-stitched to no avail.  So yesterday I cut fresh pieces and started all over again.  I still had to do some ripping, and I ended up cannibalizing the first block that I'd sewn.  But it was worth it.  This time there is only one really serious problem, but it's on an outside edge, so I have months before I have to worry about it!

This was the first version.  O.M.G.  The second version is better because I had just watched a tutorial for making a quilt with lots of triangles.  I realized that lining up the cross-seams of the triangles is more important than maintaining a perfect 1/4" seam (as if).  Much improved (but you don't want to see the back of the block!).

Well, I've completed 20 blocks so far (22 if you count re-sewing two of them), I still haven't made last week's bonus block, and now I have the 4 new ones.  Better get crackin'!!

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