Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grandma Time in Memphis!

I'm off to Memphis, Tennessee, to double-team my grandsons while their parents are off celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary.  My teammate is their other grandmother, Annie (a.k.a. Gay-Gay).  We've been a great team before -- planning the wedding, shopping (any time), restaurant-hopping in South Beach and Coconut Grove.  So I'm sure this will be a fun week.

One of my first "quilting" projects was a holiday tic-tac-toe game for these boys.  It's really more just sewing than actual quilting, but it does use batting!

I made the X's and O's by fusing the pieces for the Santas and reindeer onto the red and green squares, then zig-zagging around them.  The eyes and the reindeer noses are French knots.  Santa's nose is a little pink circle -- I had to hand-stitch those.  The "board" is just muslin with double-fold bias tape for the lines and edge.  Stitch up the bag and it's ready to go.

This was so fun and easy.  I plan to make more with different holiday themes.  Bunnies and chicks, flags and firecrackers, turkeys and pilgrims.  Any other ideas?

My beautiful boys with their wonderful Papi.  How'd I get so lucky?

 I have some Memphis Tigers fabric in my stash.  J (the younger) insists that the boat must have Tigers flags on it.  Gotta get these done before they arrive at the lake for the 4th of July.


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