Friday, March 9, 2012

Chicken Madness!

A year ago, shortly after I embarked on my quilting journey, I was in my favorite quilt shop and spied a basket of the cutest quilted chickens.  My husband grew up on a chicken farm, and everyone in the family has chickens around, from small decor items to a barnful of actual birds (that would be my nephew).  So I knew I just had to learn to make those chickens.

Turns out, they were just about to have a class to make these chicken pincushions, so I signed up.  Fun!

We brought in two identical blocks -- didn't really matter what size.  I made these 8" log cabins, with sunshine in the center and chicken tracks all over the orange and green fabric.  We needed a small piece of fabric for the tail and beak, plus some felted wool for the comb and buttons or beads for eyes.

The stitching was simple -- stitch around two sides, pull up the corners and sew the long side together, leaving space to fill with stuffing (no! not that kind of stuffing!).  The beak, comb and tail are just sewn in as you do the seams.

I really want to make a bunch of these in different sizes and fill baskets with them to give to the family. Next time I'll use bigger beads (or buttons) for the eyes.  This girl looks a little sneaky.

 Here are just some of the chickens that we have in our house:
A glass paperweight, a guess...

A twofer on my kitchen desk

A pretty bowl in happy sunshine colors

Three musketeers
My grandson, Diego, at 6 weeks old, in his first Halloween costume.  (Just checking if you were paying attention).

A tea cozy that I brought back from England in 1983

One of many towels

Sentry chicken

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  1. I love all the chickens in this post...especially Diego!