Friday, March 23, 2012

Bonus Blocks!

Last Saturday was National Quilting Day, and I missed it!  So glad to have been in Memphis with people I love, but after a week-long dry spell of no sewing at all, I was glad to get back in the groove yesterday.  Did a little more work on the Otsego Lake quilts and picked back up on the quilt-along that was formerly The Farmer's Wife.

Randy, of the Barrister's Block, posted a couple of bonus blocks last week when some people complained that the Farmer's Wife Basket block was incomplete (no handle, OMG!).  But I didn't get to them until now.

These blocks aren't in The Farmer's Wife book, but I wanted to include them, so I started on these.  Sorry the photos are a little dim, I took them in the evening without benefit of actual sunlight.

Shoo-fly is very traditional and an easy block to put together, so that went pretty well.  The little print is red starts on a neutral background.

The Civil War Quilting Circle block went OK, too.  I didn't have any fabrics that would seem to be traditional in a Civil War quilt, but the background is plain muslin and the dark blue is a dark chambray.  The yellow and red colors (but not the fabrics) are common in Civil War-era quilts.

There are also three more blocks that are part of the actual quilt-along... more on those in a couple of days.  Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to attending the Long Island Quilt Show tomorrow!

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