Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Farmer's Wife Sow-a-Long

Just getting ready to select which project to do next, when this came along -- The Farmer's Wife Sow-a-Long, a quilt-along to make the sampler quilt created by Laurie Hird.  I got shut out of a block-of-the-month class at "my" quilt shop, so why not do one on line.  Of course, this one entails 6 blocks per month!  Argh.

Let's see, staring me in the face right now are:
  • Fabric for a watercolor quilt that I've been designing on-and-off for a year;
  • Fabric for an Amish heart quilt (it can wait til next Valentine's Day, I guess);
  • Fabric for 2 bed-sized quilts for my cabin in Michigan;
  • The infamous Q-911 project, still waiting to be quilted;
  • A needlepoint project that I promised to make for my brother and sister-in-law.
Note that my closet door is closed, so I can't see any of my stash or the various kits that I keep sending for (batiks!  chickens!).  And the cabinet doors are closed, too, hiding all those bags full of yarn for future knitting and crochet projects.

What am I thinking?!  I'm thinking that this will be fun, that's what! 

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