Friday, February 17, 2012

The Farmer's Wife Begins

I officially started The Farmer's Wife Sow-a-Long today -- completed the first 3 blocks and received the book/CD in the mail.  I think this will be fun, a nice diversion from time to time when other BIG projects get to be, well, too big.  So far I'm just hitting my stash.  I'm not sure how far it will last when I need to make over 100 blocks!  The book is really nice.  You can find it on Amazon, but the author also has a website where you can read about the quilt and buy the book:  The Farmer's Wife Quilt

For the first three blocks (before the book arrived) I selected fabrics that sort of worked together.   The first block is a Basket Weave block.  I used a couple of fat quarters that I'd bought on spec.  The stars are from a fabric book that I'd made for a baby last summer.

The second block is "Contrary Wife".  In retrospect, I'd have chosen different colors.  For the background I used some muslin that was left from lining some curtains.  Somehow muslin seems nice for a Farmer's Wife quilt.

The third block is "Big Dipper".  The fabrics are supposed to be a light and a medium.  I'm not very happy with this one -- not enough contrast.  Plenty of time to worry about it later.

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