Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happy National Quilting Day!

I'm so happy to be back at my sewing machine and back in blogland (cue Gene Autry singing "Back in the Saddle Again").  Even though A Quilter's Path was on hiatus, I was taking photos.  So let's start catching up, my friends!

Molly's Wedding Quilt, Part 2

My lovely niece, Molly, was married in August, 2013.  I posted about the beginnings of her quilt here.  I'm a slow quilter, but I was determined to have it ready for her when we got together at our families' cabin in Michigan this summer.  Hey, not even a year!

She wanted a lap-size quilt for chilly evenings on their boat in the Detroit area.  The quilt was controlled scrappy, including regular quilting cotton and some wonderful batiks.  Many of these were leftovers from Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street mystery quilt (still a Work in Progress).

Some leftovers were strips, some were squares.  And I did have to add a few.

Strip-piecing and chain-sewing got the basic units done quickly.

I had picked out the block pattern, but wanted to fiddle with it a bit to see what I liked.

Green units straight, blue on point?

Or the other way around?

I was planning to add some appliques to the neutral blocks, so I finally decided on keeping the light squares in the green units parallel with the quilt edges.  This meant that I needed setting triangles for the edges.  I just made more of the blue and white blocks and cut them in half.  Of course, now I have a pile of bonus triangles for future use!

After making a few appliques, it looked like that would not be a good idea.  They just didn't fit with the quilt.  But I did keep one piece. 

In the photo here, the picture on top is the card that was used for the wedding invitations and the place cards at the reception.  I don't have an embroidery machine, but  I managed to replicate the font pretty well (I think).  The square went on the top of the quilt.

The quilting was just stich-in-(or in the neighborhood of)-the-ditch.  Not so elegant but fine for a utility quilt that I hope will be used hard.

Until next time.

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