Friday, March 20, 2015

Broken Promises, Broken Legs

Happy National Quilting Month!  It's been more than a year since I updated my blog.  This is how life is, I guess.  So today, a quick update, then back to quilting...

After my last post in February 2014, we headed down to Florida for a couple of weeks.  Once home, we went house-hunting and ended up buying a 140-year old house in Jamesport, NY, on the North Fork of Long Island.  So NOT what we had planned to do, but right for us.  Nice property for a garden, 3 blocks from Peconic Bay.  Serious aesthetic issues.

Each to his own.  Pink floral on taupe -- everywhere! -- bleagh.
We put our house on the market, and I squeezed quilting in between bi-weekly open houses.  Finally finished Molly's wedding quilt plus a bonus quilt of appliques (to be shared soon).

Then I went to work on a baby quilt for my new granddaughter, Greta, born in May.

 She'll probably get it in time to take to her freshman year in college!  I finally had to admit defeat and abandon quilting for several months -- just couldn't keep up with all the threads and shreds and general sewing messiness while trying to sell the house.

As work progressed on our new house, I decided that I would move my sewing studio to Jamesport right after the holidays.  I could sew to my heart's content with no one to come in and pass judgment on either my housekeeping or my quilting.  Seemed like a plan, until I fell down the stairs just before New Year's and ended up with two broken legs!

Three months later, I am back to sewing.  Greta's quilt is long since pieced, but awaits quilting -- another UFO in the pile.  Some friends got married, time for another quilt.  Pillows needing covers for the cabin in Michigan.  A niece is getting married.  Her sister is having a baby.  Time to sew!! 
This is going to be a good year!

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