Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Little Steps Make a Long Path

With only a few minutes now and then to work on quilting projects,  I decided that it was time to get things moving! Lots of little things done become serious progress!

UFOs (but not for long!)

Pieceful Quilting has opened up their nice air-conditioned classroom for us climate-challenged quilters.  So I headed over today, but -- oops! -- forgot to bring the fabric I wanted to cut to get started on Molly's Quilt!  That's OK, though.  I'm also anxious to get working on some Unfinished Objects (UFOs) and move on.   Some nice quilters gave me great suggestions on how to quilt the One-Block Wonder (OBW) that has been a UFO since this time last year.  I'm inspired by their ideas, hope to tackle this one soon.

One person suggested that the red and green and gold and the star shapes kind of looked like a Christmas quilt.  Maybe I should have put Velcro on the inner border so that I could swap out the outer border for different seasons! 

I finally finished the final block for the 2012-2013 Simple Sampler class at PQ, too (only 4 months late).  Picked up some fabric for the block borders, inner border and spacers, so I'm ready to move ahead on that, as well.  The inner border will be a dark blue.  The spacers will be yellow -- needed because the blocks range from 6-1/2" to 15-1/2" (unfinished).  Not sure what I'll do about the outer border, though.  The flowered fabric that's the constant in all the blocks is a bit difficult to coordinate with.  I think I'll wait to see what the pieced top looks like first.

Under Construction

Remember back last December when I dived into Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Mystery Quilt?  Well, all that stopped when I had lot of travel and weddings and babies to sew for.    (The quilt pattern is no longer available for free on her website; it will be published in her next book).  This week I was determined to get something -- anything! -- done on this.  I managed to finished over 200 4-patches!  Nothing like a big stack of blocks to make one feel the momentum!

I had all the strips cut, so all I had to do was sew them together, cut into 2" pieces and sew the 4-patches.  They were half done, so I only needed to do 100 more (!).


Lay out all the sewed 4-patches on a towel.  Spray with spray sizing or Best Press.

Lay those puppies out on your ironing board, as many as you can fit.  Plenty more where those came from!

Carefully press to set the seams.

Curse and swear when some remaining water in your iron decides to burp all over your units (optional, or so one would hope).

Give each 4-patch unit a little tug at either end of the seam.  This will create a tiny break (just one stitch) that will allow you to twirl the seams so that you can press them all in the same direction.

You know how sometimes your seams just "want" to go in one direction?  Well, when you give that little tug, that allows each end of your last seam to go the direction that it wants to!    

See how one end of the seam is leaning toward one light patch, the other end toward the other light patch?  Nothing like a happy seam!

When you press the seams, you get a sweet little checkerboard in the center.  This makes nesting the seams so much easier when you join the 4-patch to another unit.  Thanks once again to Bonnie Hunter for this tip!


DONE!  Over 200 4-patch units!  The pattern calls for 192, but who's counting?  (I figure that there are at least 10 that are toast, so best to have a few extras).

This finishes Step 1 of the Easy Street Mystery Quilt.  I finished Steps 3 and 4 back in December, and Steps 2 and 7 were underway.  Little by little, the quilt will come together.

Good news:  I saved all the steps as they were published, but I no longer remember what the finished quilt looks like.  So it's still a Mystery Quilt!

Scraps in a Snap!

As usual at this time of year, I've been bitten by the organizational bug.  I'm terrible about keeping organized, but I love the sorting and stacking and rifling through all my pieces of fabric.  I'm a big fan of Bonnie Hunter's Scrap Users System, so I went through the scraps that have piled up from recent projects and my stash in general to bring things into some kind of order.

I cut leftovers into squares and strips (1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", 5") and tidied up bigger pieces (less than a half yard; anything bigger gets filed as "yardage").

There were several pieces left over from all those Easy Street 4-patches -- ends of strips that didn't quite make the 2" cut.  I trimmed them off to 1-1/2", then realized that I probably wouldn't use them for anything except more 4-patches.  So I sewed them up, and now I have a nice little stash of small blocks to use for whatever.

There were also scraps left from the doll quilt I made while in Michigan.  Whatever will I do with little pieces of flannel??  Oh!  Make another doll quilt!.  I just cut everything into strips of whatever size, sewed them together, squared them up and put on a binding.  There isn't even a backing, but I'm sure a doll won't mind!

And lookie here!  This is all that's left from the two doll quilts!  How green is that!?

Until next time!...

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  1. I love seeing what you have been up to. Your quilts are so beautiful.