Saturday, July 6, 2013

Small Projects for Summer Days

With the weather warming up at the lake in Michigan and my son's wedding right around the corner, small, quick sewing projects seemed like the way to go.

Iris' Doll Quilt

Do you remember the baby quilt that I just finished for Miles in Ireland?  Well, Miles has a big sister, Iris.  I'm a big sister, too, and I remember how put out I was when my brother came along!  So I figured that Iris needed a gift, too.  The local Hobby Lobby had some cute flannel that was perfect for a doll quilt.  It's just 5 x 4 squares with hearts quilted in the small pink print squares and a pieced binding.

 Isn't this print sweet?

Here's the back.

A Gift Envelope Pouch

Don't we all get nervous about having wedding gifts sitting around during the reception, especially those gift envelopes?  I know I did at my daughter's wedding!  So I decided to make a drawstring pouch to hold the wedding gift envelopes. 

It's so easy -- just cut a rectangle of the fabric you're using, fold it over and stitch the bottom and the side.  Fold and stitch the top to form a casing.  Voila!  I added a pretty trim with little "pearls." 

The polyester "satin" frays like crazy!  I remember making Barbie wedding dresses out of the stuff and they'd fall apart as soon as they were finished.  So for the bag I made enclosed seams.  A few stray threads escaped to the outside of the bag, but it's not too bad.

The drawstring is just silver double-fold bias tape, right out of the package..  It's long enough for a cousin or friend of the bride or whoever's in charge to hang over her arm so she can enjoy the reception instead of being stuck at a little table!

We're heading back east the day after tomorrow.  Guaranteed no sewing will happen while we're there!  But when I get back to Michigan, I can start on Molly's wedding quilt!  Yea!

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