Friday, June 28, 2013

The Wedding Quilt Is Done!

Wedding Bells!

My son and his future bride are getting married two weeks from today!  This is the quilt that I made for them.  The pattern is interlocking rectangles, like a Celtic knot; the rectangles are batiks.  I loved the idea of the open geometric figures twined together, linked but each with its own space.  After almost 45 of my own marriage, that's how I think a successful marriage needs to be, together but with space to be yourself.

To highlight the colors and to keep an "urban" feel, I used a small white-on-white print for the background and grays for the borders.  The first border is a tone-on-tone charcoal; The second is a lighter gray that looks like granite.

The quilting was done by Janet at Farmhouse Quilts in Southold, NY.  I had already decided that I wanted something with curves to soften the straight lines in the quilt.  I was thinking of spirals, because the teal and the white both have spiral patterns in them.  Janet suggested the same thing, so I knew she'd do a great job.

The spacing is about 3/4".   We chose a silvery-teal thread that blends differently with each of the colored fabrics.  It looks almost green on the green, is invisible on the blue, and shines silver on the purple.

The back is pretty, too!  You can really see the color of the thread on the plain bleached muslin.   Not so much in the photo, because the back is in the shade.  There was no way to open up the quilt completely except by hanging it from the clothesline.  And as you can see in the first photo, even turned sideways it dragged on the ground!  This is supposed to be a queen-size quilt, but it is really BIG!

The binding came out wide on the back, about 3/4".  That was unintended -- I guess I'm used to using high-loft batting for baby quilts, and I cut the strips wider than necessary.  But I don't mind.  The binding fabric is a black batik with lots of subtle movement in it.  I'm happy to show it off a little!

Finally, I used some of the batik scraps to have a little fun with the label.  The background is a square from a charm pack -- the label is big because I forgot to trim it back before I attached the edges.  Duh! 

 I really don't like the marking pen, it just doesn't make a good line.  But I was reluctant to try to embroider the label at this point.  Just look how sweet the fabric is!  Wedding bells!

 Much love and happiness to Charles and Christine on their wedding day!

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  1. What a beautiful quilt and a beautiful sentiment. I think the part I like best is the part where you say together but space to be yourself.