Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wrapping it up in Florida

  Creative Quilting!

After two pleasant months in Florida, I'm missing the warm weather but happy to be back home with all my quilty things. I was fortunate to be staying in a condo with room to set up a quilting area, although some improvisation was required.

Ugly, Baby!

As soon as Annie's Quilt was finished, I set to work on another baby quilt.  The disappearing 9-patch is such an easy pattern, so I decided to use it again, this time in flannel (the new baby will be in Ireland, where "warm" is an elusive concept). 

5" squares are stitched into 9-patch blocks

The blocks are cut in half in both directions

But when I put the squares together, I hated it!  I turned those puppies around in every possible direction, but it just never looked good.  

I don't know if there isn't enough contrast, not enough variety (3 patterns in each of 3 colors) or if I just don't like the fabrics.  Whatever, this quilt is not going to Ireland!  I stuffed it all in a bag and have put it away until I need something to do (?!?).  I'm sure it will make a fine donation quilt.

More Barrister's Blocks

Remember the Farmer's Wife quilt that morphed into the Barrister's Blocks?  If not, it's probably because I haven't mentioned that project in half a year!  I got so busy with other things that I hadn't worked on these blocks since September.  I cut the fabric for six of the blocks before I left and brought them along, so when the baby quilt didn't work out, I went to work on these.  After all those half-inch logs in Annie's Quilt, these 6-1/2" blocks didn't seem so bad!

This one looks even better in person -- the camera washed out some of the color.  Still pretty!
Broken Window
 (These are over-exposed, too)
Squares and Diamonds

I started sewing the other 3 blocks, too, but I'd managed to cut at least some of the pieces the wrong size.  Oh well, maybe later...

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