Saturday, February 2, 2013

Southern Stitching!

Returning to Real Life

Today I worked on quilt blocks for the first time in over a month!  Can you say "Happy!"?  My husband just retired and wanted to get away from his old routine for a while, so we are spending a couple of months in Florida.  Sure, there's the beach, the pool, places to explore, lots of friends to visit.  But I insisted that I NEEDED to quilt, too!

I'd cut the strips for the log cabin heart quilt that I'm making for my dear friend, Annie.  So dear that when I gave her a picture of the pattern for Christmas, she was delighted.  How can you not love a friend like that?!  This afternoon, my second day in Florida, I stitched up the 6 red blocks.  Talk about wonky!  The strips are only 1" wide; the finished blocks are 4".  Two wobbly stitches and the whole seam is weird.  I decided that I would embrace the wonkiness and plow on.

These haven't been squared up yet, so they aren't quite as bad  -- uh, wonky -- as they look.  I plan to wait until I finish the rest of the blocks and then square everything to the smallest block.  The quilt is less than 30" square, so B3 (border, backing, binding) should go pretty quickly.  I can't wait to drive over to Miami and give it to her.  Merry Christmas!

Another Quilt Gift

Speaking of gifts, my daughter gave me the nicest quilt gift for Christmas!

The necklace has a locket with a piece of an antique wool quilt inside.  You can open it up and touch it.

Isn't it pretty?  I love it!

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