Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Christmas Valentine

...Or is it a Valentine Christmas?

In my last post I showed you some log cabin blocks that I'd been working on:

The last few days I worked on blocks that are half-red/half-white.  I was determined to make them better than the red ones (pretty good chance of that!).  I squared them up after each unit was added.  Boy, was that time-consuming!  The smallest units still came out wobbly, but as the blocks grew in size, the accuracy improved.  Not great, but definitely better.

I went back to trim the red ones and found out that they are almost all undersized.  There are only six of them, so I'm thinking about making them over again.  I don't have enough of the original fabrics with me, though.  Gotta think about it some more.

The quilt top is coming togther, though!

These blocks are 4" unfinished (more or less, LOL!).  There remain the 12 all-white blocks.  I'd love to get them finished over the next 3 days, so the top-minus-borders would be done on Valentine's Day.  Not bad for a Christmas present, yes?  I doubt it will happen though -- the pressing and squaring take way longer than the sewing.  And then there are the red blocks...

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