Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Big Reveal!

So here's why I'm baking pies for my Dear Husband instead of sewing!

I've complained for a while that the computer desk I've been using as a sewing table just wasn't doing the job (though it seemed like a good idea at the time).  So when my local quilt store had some floor models for sale, I jumped in.  I emptied the files and other business-type stuff from the desk and then DH took over.  He managed to get the desk apart and wrestle the pieces out of the "study" (now known as my sewing room!). 

Goodbye, salmon.  Hello blue!

Then, bless his heart, he painted the room.   It was a hideous salmon pink (nice color, but not on walls!).  Now it is a restful blue/green/gray shade.  Bear in mind that the temperatures have been in the 90's, humidity the same, and no A/C.  What a guy!  Plus, he grills for dinner!

So here is the sewing cabinet, all closed up.  Small, tidy, very nice.  Much smaller than the computer desk that was there.

Voila!  It opens up into a nice, efficient space.  The machine is on a lift that can move up and down depending on one's needs.  There is a drop-down table at the back that opens up to support a quilt or to use for cutting. This will be a huge help as I continue to work on my free-motion quilting.

For the moment, I'll use one corner as a cutting area.  I was using the dining room table -- good exercise to wander back add forth,  but not very convenient.  Plus, I was always having to choose between quilting and entertaining.

I bought a mini-iron for those quick HST presses.  Still need to get a good heat-resistant pad, though.  My regular iron has an automatic shutoff -- I hope that this will be better for those stitch-and-press times. 

I'll have to wait a bit longer for the template that fits in to surround the machine when it is in the flat position.  But how nice to have it at a level where my arm is exactly even with the sewing surface.  Good-bye, carpal tunnel pains!  Now I can sew my brains out!

Meanwhile, I emptied out the old stereo cabinet as well (p.s., DH built that!).  It used to house all my non-sewing needlework (needlepoint, knitting, crochet, embroidery, etc.).  That's all in a new spot in some newly-emptied drawers, and my fabric stash that used to be in bins on the floor is now in the cabinet.

The one thing left over from when this was an office is the printer.  The cable modem and router are tucked into the cabinet, so the printer needs to be nearby.

Each bin is labeled, fabric sorted by color and size.  This system is sure to last at least 6 months, before (a) the stash gets too big, or (b) my organizational skills fail as usual.  I'm hoping for (a) but I'm not taking any bets!

Meanwhile, please don't open the closet door!  Batting, rulers, my mother's sewing baskets, miscellaneous tools and notions, fabrics that aren't 100% cotton, all flow out as if waiting for their turn to shine.

I'm off to California for a week, but I'm already itching to get back to my machine and sew!  Lots of Barrister's Blocks await...


  1. Wow!! Beautiful!! You are all set for the fast lane, Mary!! -peg

  2. That looks like a great new sewing space -- enjoy it! :-)

  3. Thanks, Michelle! I'm pretty excited! Of course, after days of disembowling my previous sewing space and setting up the new space, I'm waaay behind on my projects. But it'll be fun catching up!