Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Civil War Block Swap Quilt!

Just before Superstorm (aka Hurricane) Sandy hit our area, I was madly trying to finish up my Civil War quilt for a big party at my LQS, Pieceful Quilting.  Got all the sashing and cornerstones done before the power went out, but the border was (and remains) unfinished.  Sadly, the party is not to be -- the store was flooded out during the storm and is in the process of relocating.  Good news is that it's reopening next week!

The blocks that I got where just wonderful!  Here they are, waiting to become a quilt.  Aren't they gorgeous?!  The blocks came from PQ's sister store about an hour's drive from here.  They had some fabrics (including the green) that we didn't have.

I decided to make the quilt on-point with sashing and 9-patch cornerstones.  I was a little dubious about my color choices, but I really like it now that it's together.

The border will be the same dark blue as the sashing.  I haven't decided whether to trim off the outside cornerstones and add a straight border, or to cut the border in pieces and keep the cornerstones whole.  I'm thinking the latter.  I also need to think about whether to add an additional border or two.  If the top were just a little bigger, it would fit nicely on a double bed.  Any ideas?  It's a square quilt as-is.  The photos have it laid out across a double bed.  The suggested pattern that I was using would have a 4" border that trimmed off the outer cornerstones:

Another option would be to have a narrower border just to the edge of the outer cornerstones:

Or there could be a full 4" border that includes the cornerstones.  I'm not quite sure how to make this, though...

Whatever, the Civil War quilt will be added to my pile of UFOs.  When I got my new sewing table last summer, I ordered the acrylic insert for my machine.  The machine came with a slide-on quilting table, but I wanted to have the perfect fit.  Unfortunately, when the insert finally came (after several months!), it was the wrong size.  I sent it back, but who knows when the new one will finally arrive?  Meanwhile, layering up the quilts and quilting the remains in the future.

So meanwhile, I'm behind two months on the Barrister's Blocks (that would be 12!) and on the blue/while/yellow blocks for the BOM at my LQS.  I also plan to make several small Christmas gifts.  So of course I've jumped into something new!  More about that in the next post.