Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yarn Bombing!

 I didn't get to do any sewing while I was in Michigan for two weeks.  I brought along two wholecloth (panel) quilts that have been sitting in my closet for months.  Unfortunately, I got no farther than layering them.  Since I don't have anything exciting to show you, I thought I'd share a fun link instead.  Read on!
By: Stephen Crane (Photo: The Telegraph)

Yarn bombing

As some of you know, I have been into all kinds of needlework since I was a kid (just came late to quilting).  So I was delighted to find this on my Facebook wall this morning.  I was posted by
24 Blocks.  If you aren't familiar with yarn bombing, it's basically graffiti done with knitting or crochet instead of paint or markers.  There are more photos and links on this page.  Have fun!


She's Right on Time

Turn on all the Christmas lights 
Cause baby's coming home tonight
    (with apologies to Billy Joel)

While I was away, my sewing machine went off to the sewing machine doctor for a well-baby checkup.  So when I got home, this is what I found:
So empty!
Monday I swung by the store on my way to work, and when I got home, peace was restored:

A Quilter's Path Bonus Quilting Tip:  You don't need a fancy sewing table to support your quilt.  Take advantage of whatever you have on hand.  Extra points for multi-purpose!

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